About monfriese

a look into the process...

I feel extremely blessed to not only be doing something I'm passionate about as a hobby, but as part of my job. Blogging is something that started out from my love of, and interest in fashion, but it's progressively turned into so much more than that. I can easily say that a large portion of the opportunities I've gotten creatively, have stemmed from blogging. It's opened so many doors, and given me space to dip my feet in a lot of different pools this last year. 

Blogging allows me to work with so many other artists and makers, which is incredible. Whether it's a brand, designer, jewelry artist, photographer, company, (the list could go on) I think it's so amazing how blogging is able to connect us. 

One of my favorite things, is getting product and figuring out how I can make it 'me'. How can I take the item and keep it consistent to my brand, while stretching myself to style it in an ever evolving way? I love the challenge of constantly representing product, and trying to keep it fresh each time. 

I so appreciate that blogging is an acting umbrella of sorts to all the different things I find myself doing. It lets me constantly create visuals, connects me with other creatives, and gives me a place to document. It inspires me to keep creating in this outlet, which pours into the other avenues of work I am creating for. By having a space that is totally mine to control, I'm able to freely work out of what I'm feeling. In the projects that I don't get to take as much liberty in, I still feel inspired and excited about the general scope of work I do from getting to experiment here. 

I'm thankful for the opportunity to have a job out of something I love so much, and to be able to keep growing with it. Thanks for following along friends! I'm always learning more, and definitely not even close to where I'd like to be. It's all a journey and a process and I'm embracing the trial and error process of it as I go. Xx