Let's Talk About Swim

Now that summer is finally here, we're all either headed to the beach, or planning for the soonest time we can. I know a lot of people dread having to pull out their bathing suit, because they can't find options that they feel and look amazing in.

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Velvet Dreams

Two words. Velvet Pants. If there's one thing I truly love to wear, it's velvet. As we move into the summer months, I probably will end up pocketing a lot of my velvet pieces (it's toasty warm), but will be excited to pull it out again when it starts to get chillier. 

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Vetta Capsule

I'm crazy about this Wrap + Slip Dress. I love the floral pattern that it has, and the flow that it embodies. My favorite is wearing it tied in the front, with the v facing forward. It has a feminine feel, and will be the perfect dress to pull out in the summer for a casual brunch, or for a evening wedding. 

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Tessa Hughes

The antithesis to fast fashion, Tessa Hughes creates minimalist pieces that are neutral and season less. Her line is ethically manufactured in Canada. I love that she uses sustainable fabrics, and one of the best parts (aside from the killer designs and pieces) is that she donates 10% of all her sales to help women escape human trafficking. 

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A Rare Kind

A rare kind is an online retailer with a directional selection of independent and luxury brands. We have positioned design, craftsmanship and social responsibility, at the heart of what we do – 

The way we buy, the way we think, the way we create; right through to the way we develop relationships with our labels. By approaching fashion and lifestyle with a sharp and contrarian eye, we only covet the brands and products that we believe in rather than what is dictated by the industry. We are interested in the integrity, longevity and the aesthetics of the brands.

Trends are not so relevant to us.

FashionMonica Friese

I fell in love with not only Cuyana's product the moment I saw it, but what the company stands for. They promote that our closets are stronger when we have fewer, but better items. If you've been following along, you know that I am currently in the process of creating a capsule wardrobe, so working with Cuyana was up the right alley for me.

Tree Hut x MonFriese

I’ve been practicing a new ritual with my skin lately, and I can’t remember the last time it’s felt this simple, but this good. Trying Tree Hut’s new collection is giving me the freshest skin, and is at a price point that can’t be beat. 

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Brass Clothing

Brass Clothing is created on the idea that a woman is better off building a capsule closet of 20-30 pieces, than of having tons of items that she doesn't need/doesn't wear. They design the best version of the pieces with attention to fit, fabric, and feminine design. This very concept is something I've been trying to apply to my own wardrobe in the last couple months, so partnering with them was perfect. Check out there 5 principles below that they design their clothing around. This is a great checklist for any of you who are also looking to simplify and refine your closets!  

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Corinne Collection

When it comes to clothes I'm someone who views comfort as a top need. If I don't feel completely myself, and totally comfortable in something, it's a no go for me. This is part of the reason why Corinne pieces are some of my favorite around. Corinne is made out of the softest materials. I joke that it's like wearing beautiful pajamas, but wait till you feel her fabric and you'll see why. 

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Maumero Shoes

t's so encouraging to see people take action to support those who are living in bondage and in desperate need of our help, instead of just talking about ways to bring change. Getting to work with Maumero Shoes is amazing, because it's about a lot more than just beautiful shoes.

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