All Over Again

Photo: Bethany Catherine Photography 

"I want to make everything around me beautiful. And that will be my life."

Hello all of you lovely people. If you're reading this, thank you! Thank you for believing in me and for taking the time out of what I'm sure is a busy day to read my collection of thoughts. Over the last few months I had taken a break from blogging. I wanted to figure out what I wanted my site to be before moving forward as a blogger, and wanted to have a website I was excited about and committed to. I am thrilled to say that that time has come and I am now relaunching All Things Lovely. Let me tell you a little bit about what you can expect to find while exploring my site! Writing has been something that I have always loved, and after discovering my passion for fashion blogging, I wanted to combine the two into something original and unique to me. In combination with that, I wanted to bring what is most important to me as a creative and make sure that was represented. Music has always been my biggest passion and is such a huge part of who I am, and I wanted that to show in my site. If you wander on over to my Music page you can read all the details on the release of my upcoming album and get in the loop on where I am headed as well as info on upcoming shows and gigs.
On my Styling page you will find what I like to think of as the catch-all page for my creative tendencies. Whether it's styling a shoot for the magazine I intern at, an outfit, interior design, photos taken from things I found joy in creating, or just random blurbs of my life, you can find it all on the Styling page. I've learned that I find so much fulfillment in taking ordinary things and placing them together in a way that turns them into something beautiful. As I have discovered the things that are aesthetically pleasing to my eye I have loved exploring different ways to make things that I see everyday into something pretty and fresh. Feel free to watch along as I continue to explore that passion. 
All that to say, I am so excited to be starting again with my blog that combines all the creative things I love in one place, and am so honored that you would take the time to read. I hope that you found some form of inspiration, or just left feeling happy after spending some time with me on All Things Lovely



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