This fall I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Coach on their new fall line. I've always loved Coach products, so getting to be sponsored by them is a dream. The bag I chose is a navy messenger style bag and has not only been the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe, but will carry over into winter perfectly.


Despite my usual tendencies, I chose navy instead of a black or grey. I always tend to gravitate to any neutral besides navy, and wanted to try something fun and different to my style. This bag has been so perfect for that and I've loved having the challenge of creating outfits outside of my usual color scheme. This particular day I styled it with all white and grey, and then topped it off with some tan suede booties and gold accents. 


Not only do I love the color of this bag, but it's shape is amazing. I am a large purse girl, hands down. Small purses are great for nights out, or single events, but trying to maintain a small purse for my day-to-day needs never seems to be successful. This bag is the ideal size to fit everything I need, and it's shape is such a fun change from bags I've had in the past. Being on the go as much as I am, I love that I can throw my laptop, planner, snacks, and other essentials in this bag without feeling like I'm stuffing it to the brim. I adore the fact that it not only has a cross body strap, but a short handle too for moments when I want an over-the-shoulder bag. 

Thank you, Coach for partnering with me this fall and giving me the perfect staple bag. Much love. 



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