Golden Rule


Ever walk into a place and feel like it was created just for you? Like every piece was put together with all your favorite things in mind? That's the feeling I get whenever I walk into The Golden Rule. From the very first time I stepped foot into the store, I was hooked. Talk about a happy place. I could spend hours and hours in their, as well as every penny to my name. It's become my go to for art, skincare, housing decor, paper goods, all accessories, and of course, jewelry. Don't even get me started on the jewelry in that place.


One thing I love about The Golden Rule is all of the different makers that it represents. Their are so many unique pieces, it is close to impossible to choose. Since so many different local artists work is available, it makes every purchase so meaningful. 


Not only do I love everything that is sold at The Golden Rule, but every time I'm in there means I get to see the cheerful staff, shop owner Erin Kate in particular. Her work EKATE Jewelry is sold in the shop, and let me tell you, every single piece is so stunning. She started the shop out of a love for art, jewelry making, and other creative goods. Coming from a background of working with art, as well as creating her own jewelry, she wanted to have a place to merge everything together. Opening up The Golden Rule was the perfect way to do that if you ask me. She's done the greatest job at bringing in so many different makers to truly build an inspiring space full of so much beauty and raw creative talent. 

When Erin asked me if I would be interested in collaborating, I didn't even have to think for two seconds before saying yes. I had so much fun covering the latest pop-up that the shop did, and have been so excited to finally blog about it! Like I said, there are so many makers represented at The Golden Rule, but at this particular holiday pop-up, a few of the creators themselves were there to hangout and bring some goodies for all those still finishing up their Christmas shopping (or for people that just wanted to treat themselves too... like me). That day Lucy and Co, Neal Jewelry, Pink Linen Designs, Solid Manufacturing Co., and Coffee Cart MPLS were all present. The shop was filled with so much talent, and I was so happy to be there to snap some pics of it all. 


Every single corner of this shop holds it's own sense of charm and wonder. I could seriously spend hours and still not want to leave. Working with Erin and the team was such a blast, and getting to see some of these incredible makers doing there thing made for an all around great event. Check out goldenrulecollective on Instagram for their location, hours, and updates on the shop! 



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