Ashley Mary Bags Hit Target

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of finally meeting the Ashley Barlow. We grabbed coffee after she sweetly asked if I'd blog and style her bags. The decision to say yes took about .01 seconds..... 

Let me give you some background here. Ashley is one of those people that you swear can just do it all. Not only does she paint like nobodies business, but she illustrates, styles, designs.. and apparently can make some killer bags too. She's someone who's talent & art I've admired for awhile now, so when reading the email she sent about wanting to collab you can imagine how big the smile on my face was. 

Ashley had the opportunity to partner with Target on a line of bags, and I had the pleasure to style them. Take a look at my collaboration with Ashley Mary below. 

Ashley Mary Daydreamer Organizer

To say I love this bag would be the largest understatement. Double pockets, perfect size for makeup, travel toiletries, weekends away, or just a holder for random nail polishes or other beauty products. I've now dubbed it as my makeup/skincare bag. One half holds face wash, moisturizer, toner, and facial oils & sprays. The other side holds all my daily makeup. It's perfect if I need a grab and go, and for mornings when I'm in a rush, I don't even have to think twice because everything I need is in the bag right in front of me. Not to mention this bold yet oh so feminine pattern. Can't go wrong with this one my friends. 

Ashley Mary Daydreamer Pencil Case

Whether it's art supplies, school necessities, or just a catch all that gets tossed in your purse, this bag is the perfect size. For me it's great, because not only does it hold my brushes, but it has enough room to hold some bottles of paint as well. I love knowing that everything I need is in one easy accessible place. This bag is a win win win all around. And the term 'Daydreamer' is no joke. This pattern with the blue hues makes me want to just float into a cloud. D R E A M Y


Ashley Mary Lucky In Love

I don't know about you, but I feel like I have office goods constantly messy everywhere. I can never contain them in the same spot. This bag is going to be a huge help in solving that, because of it's see through material. I'll be able to know what's in it when, and see if the little supply I need is in the bag or not before digging all around. Plus, if I know what's in the bag, I'll know what's not in the bag. I'll be able to keep tabs on where all my scattered pieces are and hopefully *fingers crossed* learn to keep them in one place. 

Hopefully you get the picture by now. These bags are worth every penny you'll spend to get them. AND talk about convenience. Who doesn't already go to Target all the time? Next time you're in, stop through the cosmetic bag section and snag yourself a few of these, because I can promise you that you'll put them to good use. 

If you can't make it out to Target but still want a bag, I've attached the link to get to all the bags through Target's website. Happy Target shopping & happy organizing my friends! 

P.S. Ashley's site is also up, because if you haven't before you absolutely 100% need to check out her work. Do yourself the favor. 



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