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With spring finally here, I'm all about products that don't feel heavy on my skin. I love having a refreshing and light routine that still does the job. Soul Sunday couldn't be better for this exact thing. 

For my partnership with Soul Sunday, I chose the Rice Wash, Rice Water, and the Light Floral Facial Oil.


The water is perfect for spritzing on my face before applying makeup after moisturizing almost to help set my skin. The burst of water is so refreshing. I've started carrying it around in my purse if I need a pick me up throughout the day - it works so great for that.


The wash is cleansing, purifying, light, and I've noticed results in the brightness of my skin after using this wash. It is super gentle and soft on skin which I love, because sometimes products can just be so harsh.


The oil is a dream of a product. I'm always a little skeptical when it comes to using oils directly on my face, just because I've had better experiences with actual moisturizers. This light floral facial oil is an exception. I've been using it in the morning after washing with the Rice Water as a replacement for moisturizer - so at night I wash and moisturize, and in the morning I wash and smooth with oil, then spritz with water before starting my makeup routine. The three products work so well together for daily use, which I love. I can be so bad sometimes at taking advantage of the different masks, scrubs, and powders for my skin, so when I can find daily use products that I love it's seriously the best. 


The last thing I'll say about these products is the beauty of the smell. These products have been great for my skin, yes, but more than that when I use them it's like a little treat to myself. The smell on them is calming and invigorating and such a good way to start my day. 


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