Boutonne Design Haus specializes in handmade leather goods that are the absolute loveliest. They are based in San Diego, CA but sell here in MN at Golden Rule in Excelsior. I got the chance to work with Boutonne on a fun little project with this bag, and I have to say it quickly became my daily carry-all. This bag hasn't left my sight for days now, so I wanted to share a few of the ways I've been styling it, as well as just show little snippets into what life has looked like in the past couple weeks. Busy to say the least! 

L O O K N O . 1

Look No. 1

This Madewell jumper is a girls best friend. Soft comfy fabric paired with an amazing structure, cute belted waist, and a combo of summery but still classy? You cannot go wrong with this one. Top it off with Free People clogs and the bucket bag and you are golden. This day was full of North Loop hangs (one of my favorite mpls areas), iced coffee, and fresh summer sun. Thanks Brandon Eckroth for the snaps! Check out his work here

L O O K N O . 2

Look No. 2 

I love how simple this bag looks paired with denim multiple ways for a casual street style. I have it pictured with both overalls and a mini, and you could wear it so many other ways too. Whether it's running errands at the greenhouse or out with friends in the city, the relaxed look of the bag suits it all. Some bags feel to upscale for certain outfits - this is one that works no matter what I'm wearing. It flows to the outfit, not the other way around. 

Snaps both Brandon Eckroth and Isaiah Stofferahn featured above. 

L O O K N O . 3

Look No. 3

This look is done with my black leather bags sister bag in a gray color. Just as easily as you can work these bags with patterns, denim, and dressed up or down, taking the simple route and going minimal works just as well. This white on white outfit makes the gray in the bag pop just a little extra and I love it. Thanks AlexRy for snapping these and WRKSHP for the usage of space! (check out for more work!)

I would recommend Boutonné again and again and again. My bag hasn't left my side and probably won't for awhile! Shop these bucket bags and head on over on their site to see even more.



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