Brookes Boswell

I'm a girl who loves a good hat, no question. Whether it's to cover up dirty hair, or add the finishing touch to any look, hats are magic. I loved getting to partner with Brookes Boswell, who creates hats so beautifully. She sent me the cutest floppiest little thing, and I haven't been able to part with it since. It's lightweight material makes it perfect for summer days, while still giving my face just enough shade. 

Combine this hat with the natural eye and talent of Hanna Voxland, throw in a few pink & white walls & some Free People shoes and you have yourself a good time. Here are my favorites from this shoot! 

look no. one

look no. two


All photos / Hanna Voxland
Hat / Brooks Boswell @brookesboswell

First look dress / Objects Without Meaning @objectswithoutmeaning Cuff / Kiki Koyote @kikikoyote

Second look dress / Urban Outfitters Necklace & All Rings / Golden Rule @goldenrulecollective