A Rare Kind

A rare kind is an online retailer with a directional selection of independent and luxury brands. We have positioned design, craftsmanship and social responsibility, at the heart of what we do –

The way we buy, the way we think, the way we create; right through to the way we develop relationships with our labels. By approaching fashion and lifestyle with a sharp and contrarian eye, we only covet the brands and products that we believe in rather than what is dictated by the industry. We are interested in the integrity, longevity and the aesthetics of the brands.

Trends are not so relevant to us.
— A Rare Kind

For my first partnership with A Rare Kind, we chose this Thursday Sunday V Top Knot Top. It's simple (without reaaally being simple), elegant, and has a beautiful structure. 

I love the details that this top has. The puffy sleeve, the knot in the back, the high scoop along the neckline... all small things that add so much to the overall design and feel of this piece. 

The material of this top is great. Holds the form, but is soft and light enough to wear during warm weather days. 

Check out A Rare Kind for an endless amount of drool worthy pieces. They've done such a beautiful job at curating a shop of variety, but cohesiveness within their brand. They carry some of my favorite makers, and I love seeing everything all together in place. 

Stay tuned for what's next with A Rare Kind, some fun things down the road! 


FashionMonica Friese