Brass Clothing

Brass Clothing is created on the idea that a woman is better off building a capsule closet of 20-30 pieces, than of having tons of items that she doesn't need/doesn't wear. They design the best version of the pieces with attention to fit, fabric, and feminine design. This very concept is something I've been trying to apply to my own wardrobe in the last couple months, so partnering with them was perfect. Check out there 5 principles below that they design their clothing around. This is a great checklist for any of you who are also looking to simplify and refine your closets!  

Is the garment beautiful? Is it sophisticated and chic?

Is the garment well-constructed? Does it fit? Is the fabric substantial and will it hold up over multiple washes and wears?

Can the garment be worn to work and on the weekends? Can it be dressed up and down? Can you wear it through multiple seasons?

Is the garment easy to care for? Is it wrinkle resistant? Does it travel well?

Does the garment serve a purpose in my life? Is it timeless and will it continue to serve a purpose?

I styled two of Brass Clothing's pieces, The Jumper in Dark Navy, and The Slim Turtleneck in Black. I wanted to show how both of these pieces can be used in versatile ways, and how simple it really is to wear them differently. I did a 'casual' and 'dressy' look for each of these pieces.


For the casual look with The Jumper, I wanted to show how it starts as a piece on it's own, and then what you add to it is what can dress it up. I captured the dress as a stand alone piece to show how it can feel casual against it's 'dressy' version. I absolutely adore this piece. I've been watching a lot of Audrey Hepburn films lately, and this dress channels every Audrey vibe. Classy classy classy

To dress up this dress (haha see what I did there... jokes) I added some little suede pumps, and a silk wrap to throw into my hair. Easy, but efficient. Very quickly transformed this little navy dress for a night out, or a day event. 


For the dressier look with the Slim Turtleneck, I styled it with white sailor pants, a silk scarf, black booties, and a favorite bag to finish it off. The white pants as a contrast against the black is simple but classy, and has a sophisticated look. The silk tie tied in a bow softens it so it can still be a day time look. 

dressy turtleneck set:  BethCath  photo credit 

dressy turtleneck set: BethCath photo credit 

For the casual look with the Slim Turtleneck, I styled it with denim flare pants, another silk scarf (been on a kick with those lately), and my go to white sneaks. This turtleneck lives up to it's name. It's fit is so slimming, and it's color obviously helps too. It's so soft, and just became one of my favorite staple pieces! 

Something that's so nice about black pieces in your closet, is that they are so easily transformed. Every detail down to earrings, help decide what the piece says. I love that this turtleneck will be a piece I can wear again and again and again, and never tire of it. It is simply timeless

Make sure to check out Brass Clothing to see the rest of their versatile pieces to add to your closet! 


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