I fell in love with not only Cuyana's product the moment I saw it, but what the company stands for. They promote that our closets are stronger when we have fewer, but better items. If you've been following along, you know that I am currently in the process of creating a capsule wardrobe, so working with Cuyana was up the right alley for me. 

This Top Handle Bag is such a great shape, and a really lovely size. It fits what I need, but isn't huge to carry. I appreciate that it doesn't yield me to the danger of overfilling a bag with way more stuff than I need to be dragging around with me everyday. 

Blush/nude tones are kind of my thing right now, so that makes this bag an even bigger plus. I'm loving the soft blush tone of the leather, and the quality is top of the line. 

As if I didn't already feel totally sold on this bag, Cuyana sent it monogrammed with my initials. Which was the icing on the cake. Since getting married in September I've yet to have anything monogrammed with my new initials, so that added a little extra something to getting to carry this bag around with me everyday. 

Studio Photos /  BethCath   @bethcath  

Studio Photos / BethCath @bethcath 

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