It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas


As we step into this years holiday season, I've pulled out all of the festive colors, and fitting seasonal pieces. I love wearing red, but definitely don't want to look like a walking Christmas decoration. That's why pairing red with neutral colors, like these Dallas Daws Designs pants, creates the perfect balanced look. 


One thing I love about these pants, is how comfortable the linen is. Since they are cut in a straight leg, they don't hug tight, and are super breathable while worn. Nothing like feeling like you're walking around in pajamas all day! 


I paired this red sweater and the Coach x Selena bag with these Dallas pants, and some tan boots. I loved having the two tone tan look between the pants and top, to bring dimension into the color palette of this outfit.


This time of year is already my favorite for so many reasons, and I love getting to express the festivity of the holidays through what I wear. That's what is so cool to me about clothes - getting to say something about yourself outwardly through what you put on your body. In different seasons, and holidays, it's so fun getting to try different colors/outfits/and stretch your wardrobe a little bit! I'd encourage you to do the same... Happy holidays to you & yours!


FashionMonica Friese