Denim Baby

Today here in MN we got a dumping of fresh white snow. And when I say dumping, I mean like the 'walk outside and have snow up to your knees' kind of dumping. I've been curled up in my fuzzy turtleneck sweater, hat & boots on, drinking coffee & cocoa since morning. I decided I'd better blog this look now before I get too sad about the reality that tanks are out of the question for a few months. As much as I truly love the snow, the cold gets real old, real fast. The posts about coziness and bundling up are coming, trust me. But for now, we'll think warmer thoughts. 

Working with the talented Alex Ry is always a treat. We got together in the studio a few weeks back and played around with some different looks. This was one I had pulled together in partnership with Intentionally Blank shoes. If you haven't yet, check them out. Comfortable, easy to wear, and not your typical shoe. They are made in Europe, and in my opinion are worth every penny. These denim mules are some of my favorites, ever.

I paired the shoes with this Uzi NYC tank from Parc Boutique, a neck tie from Urban Outfitters (ps. I'm completely obsessed with the whole neck tie trend), and some classic black skinnies. Top it off with some Kiki Koyote and Slantt pieces to accessorize, and voila

Taking on the world, one denim shoe at a time. 



FashionMonica Friese