I've officially declared myself as a sweater hoarder. When you live in a state where it's below freezing and dumping snow 6 months out of the year, it's pretty easy to become one. Of all the sweaters in my closet, these additions from INEXCLSV might be my fave knits yet. They are soft, warm while remaining lightweight, and the colors and stitching patterns are on point. 


This particular sweater (Delilah) stood out to me the second I saw it. The outward stitching is such a fun rendition on your classic black turtleneck. It gives such a pop of personality to any look you add it to. 


I paired this look with my 501 white Levi's, Tamara Mellon sock booties, and a pop of color in this Coach bag. 

As ready as I am for spring, there's nothing like the comfort of cozying up in a turtleneck all day. I like to think of it as wearing a snuggie, but one that looks sociably acceptable. Win win eh?


Make sure to check out the rest of INEXCLVS pieces, and use code MONICA at checkout for a 20% discount! 



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