Less Can Be Better

Heading into 2017, one of my goals is to simplify my life. My schedule, my task list, and also my wardrobe.

I'm aiming to create a curated closet, with the needed staples and pieces I love mixed in. When I do buy, I want it to be investing more on each item, with the intention of it lasting a lot longer.

I'm all about looks like the one below right now. It combines two pieces that can be used in so many different ways, while creating a functional, versatile look. I hope to use the staple pieces that I'm narrowing my closet into to create outfits like this, time and time again. 

Photos 〰 Alex Ry 
Skirt 〰 Objects Without Meaning
Watch 〰 Daniel Wellington
Booties & Sweater 〰 Zara 
Rings 〰 Golden Rule Collective *various artists*

Ps -- in an effort to create this capsule closet, I'm selling items that I no longer need. Shop my closet over @shopmonfriese! I've loved seeing the pieces I don't have room for go to new loving homes! 

xx, MonFriese



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