The Not So Typical Little Black Dress


I think we could all agree that every closet needs that staple little black dress... but what about after that? The box is checked when you have your go to piece to pull out for any needed occasion, but building on top of that for some extra flair is never a bad idea. 

I've always been a sucker for anything black with polka dots, but this dress really feels like all the right things happening at once. Open back, v neck in the front but not too deep that you can't wear it during the day, sleeves with a slight puff, and polka dots. Avec Les Filles hasn't disappointed me yet, and this piece is the perfect example of why. #ad 


I styled this dress with my good ol' faithful Intentionally Blank Honchos (in Bone), my ombre pink Sun Buddies for a touch of color, and a market tote from Wild Poppy

Make sure to check out this dress and the rest of the fun stuff over at Avec! #ad #sponsored



FashionMonica Friese