Nylon Saddle x Winsome Goods

Working with Winsome Goods is always such a treat. Kathryn's designs never cease to amaze me. Getting to combine Winsome's pieces with photos from one of the most talented photographers in the business, Nylon Saddle, was a dream. We shot Winsome's upcoming spring line all on film, and every single piece we got to work with was absolutely killer. 

look no. 1

Can't say enough good things about this dress. The material was so soft, and the color is amazing. I can see this being one of my favorite go to's once the warmer weather is back!

look no. 2

This. Look. Obsessed is an understatement. This two piece outfit is heading to the top of my 'must have in my closet asap' list. You could wear the top part two different ways. Tied in the back, or the front. The bottoms are light and have movement, which makes them breathable. Both could be worn alone, or together. Mix & match however you decide. Either way, you'll be killin the game. 

look no. 3

I fell in love with this dress. It's not like anything that I currently have in my wardrobe, and is outside of the box of things I'd usually gravitate towards. The structure is so unique, while being so simple. This is a piece that could be worn well into the winter months just as much as the warmer ones. I loved playing with the shadows in Nicole's studio, and was so happy seeing how these ones turned out. 

look no. 4

Don't even get me started on this dress. Anything & everything denim is already going to be the first thing I naturally want to grab, but this piece takes it to a whole different level. I love the v in the neckline, and the longer sleeves. The frayed edging is the icing on the cake. Winsome nailed the perfect denim dress

This final Winsome look that we shot is available in her current line. You can find this Edie Knit Dress here! Similar to the black dress up top, I appreciate this one because of how different it is. The length and structure makes it stand out among other pieces in your closet. The turtleneck makes it cozy, and the fabric is warm, but still allows you to breath. Do yourself a favor, and get the dress. So timely with the holiday season! 

Such a pleasure working with such talented women. I love getting to create and grow alongside these two.

As always, sending love & warmth to you. 





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