The Reappearance of Gingham


One trend I've been so happy to see the return of this season, has been gingham. I remember the days when I would see it all the time, and have loved that it's now popped up everywhere again. 

Movint is the cutest little shop inspired by vintage with a modern twist! It was born from the desire to offer the quality of vintage design in a modern silhouette. 
They as a brand are inspired by the effortless chic Parisian, the simple yet well-dressed New Yorker, and the casually stylish Californian. So basically covering all the bases in one! 


I really love the way that Movint put a fun twist on this blue gingham top, by adding the front tie and the back zipper. The blue is great, because it's not a color that I have a ton of in my wardrobe, but I like that it's in a pattern so it doesn't feel as intense as a solid color block. 

I paired this top with some vintage cutoff Levi's (501's), and a square toe Intentionally Blank Honcho (just got restocked after being sold out forever HERE). For finishing touch I added a little handbag by Charles & Keith. I love that it added a pop of black & tan into the mix. 


This look is great as a daytime summer go to. Definitely a fave of mine! 

Bye for now! 


Monica Friese