Sudio Sweden xx MonFriese

Love & Desire - Myzica 

The above is currently playing through my, wireless Sudio Sweden headphones, and I suggest you go give it a listen too. This whole album is my current obsession. I've been needing some pick me up music lately, with all the dreary gloomy days we've been having. The album has a 80's music feel, which I'm really feeling. It's easy too listen too, and I love the writing style. 

For all the music we can't live without, we need a good way to listen to it. The 'iPhone speaker in the cup' trick just doesn't do a justice. For a music addict like myself, having my Sudio's to listen through has been amazing. Prior to using Sudio Sweden's, I had never used Wireless Bluetooth Headphones before. I can honestly say, it's so convenient, and I've used them so much more than I thought I would. I have a wireless speaker that I use all the time at home, but when I'm on the go I hate listening through my iPhone speaker, but also don't like being constantly attached to my phone by a cord. Not having to worry about being connected to your phone and being able to freely move without the attachment, has been so nice. I'd say one of the best advantages, is working out and using Sudio! You can set your phone down and not be bound by a cord, while still streaming the music that keeps you going. 

I'd highly recommend these little buddies! Not to mention, we all know I'm a sucker for anything white, and the little rose gold touch is just perfect. You can use code 'monicafriese' for 15% off a pair at checkout! Click the box link below for the direct link. Enjoy!