The Best Way To Listen To Music


If you ask me, a house isn't a home unless it's a safe, loving, warm place to return to. One of the ways that I've always made my living spaces truly feel like home, has been through music. Music is one of the most special things to me, and so having good music at home is super important.


This summer, I've partnered with Urban Outfitters to revamp a living space. Naturally I gravitated towards the music side of things. Recently, my husband and I added this media console into our living room, and it hasn't felt complete yet. This record player was the perfect piece to bring the look I was going for to life. There's just something about being home, candles lit, and a record filling the room. 


I styled the speaker on our console with some of my favorite books, candles, and other little trinkets. A polaroid from our wedding day, and a little room spray! 

What's amazing about this record player is that it also has detached blue tooth speakers, so we can listen to music straight off of our phones too. I love that it simplifies things and makes it so that I don't need another speaker somewhere else... it's just all right here! 


Thanks Urban & Stylinity for helping me get ready to head into fall with a little revamp to our living room! We love it. You guys can shop this record player yourself through the link below!

ps - use this Stylinity coupon page link for some potential saves!