Velvet Dreams

Two words. Velvet Pants. If there's one thing I truly love to wear, it's velvet. As we move into the summer months, I probably will end up pocketing a lot of my velvet pieces (it's toasty warm), but will be excited to pull it out again when it starts to get chillier. 

I'm always a fan of mixing materials in an outfit, which is why adding anything velvet to a look is a big yes for me. 

These pink pants were snagged up from Zara. Sometimes when there's items that I know are pieces I will wear fewer and further between, I'll go to shops like Topshop, Zara, etc. I'd rather invest in my staples, and then throw in items that can mix up my basics for a different look.

Thanks to the talented Alex Ry for shooting this look. Always a pleasure. Check out her site for more of her incredible work //



FashionMonica Friese