Winter Skin


Winter skin and hair is no joke, which is why I've rounded up some of my most effective products to share! Ready, set, go! 

1. H A I R :  

When it comes to my hair, I really love products that bring moisture, texture, and smoothness. My biggest issue I've always found in the winter is how staticky my hair will get, and I finally found a product that totally fixes it. 

Ouai Oil: You can find this stuff at Sephora, online at Ouai (what I linked too), and Urban also carries it now also! They have little mini sizes too which are SO good for throwing in your purse! 

Outside of oil, I use a leave in conditioner when my hair is still damp, and then a creme, and a sealing spray all before blowdrying/air drying. And then I top it off with hairspray. I only wash my hair twice a week so in between dry shampoo saves my life! And that's it for my regular hair routine. My faves are all linked below. 

Leave In: It's A 10 Miracle 

Creme: R+Co Moisture and Shine Creme

Sealing Spray: (both of these are amazing!) Ouai Smooth Spray, Satara Sealing by Seven

Texturizing Spray: Oribe Dry

Dry Shampoo: R+Co Skyline Dry Shampoo


S K I N : 

1. Wash

My favorite washes are Youth To The People's Superfood Facewash, and Glossiers Milk Jelly Cleanser. Both are light, but get down to the skin and really get all oils/grime/makeup off my face &&& they take off eye makeup really easily, which is a plus. I hate scrubbing at my eyes, and have found that some face washes barely take off mascara. 

For on the go wash/traveling, I love Milk's Matcha Cleanser Stick. It's an exfoliant and wash all in one, and gently cleans and protects (plus you can get it through airport security... PRAISES).


2. Exfoliant

My go to exfoliant is Goldenfadens MD Microderm Scrub, and Desert Lime Flawless Micro-Exfoliant from Edible Beauty Australia. They are the perfect blend of gentle, while still exfoliating perfectly. 

3. Serum

I'm a sucker for Glossier's Super Pure Serum, made with Vitamin B3. It's sooo light, and my skin soaks it right up, locking all that moisture in.  

4. Oil

I've yet to find an oil that I've loved anymore than Aesops Fabulous Face Oil. I use that as a prep for my moisturizer, and it's my favorite part of my whole skincare routine. I promise you'll never find a better smelling oil than this one. A very very close second in line to that one is Herbivore's Phoenix Facial Oil. The one benefit to this one is that it is lighter than the Aesop one, if you want something a little less heavy. 

5. Moisture

Moisturizing is the last step to the process, and I actually have too many faves to pick, but here's some that you can't go wrong with. 

Peet Rivko makes an amazing moisturizer, it's a little bit thicker than any of the others I'm listing, and it leaves your skin feeling like butter.

Youth To The People's moisturizer is my one of my top faves, but it takes the cake for traveling. It fits in a toiletries bag perfectly, and the cap is twist on so there's no worries about the pump getting pushed down (and it also can go through security in case of long flights). 

I've never found a product quite like Herbivore's Moon Fruit. I put it on before bed a few times a week (either replace it as a moisturizer, or use it afterwards for extra love), and literally you will wake up with the happiest skin everrrrr. 


I know my skin gets extra dry and way more prone to breakouts at this time of year, but all the above are what I've found to be some of the best products out there to help combat that, and to give my skin the love it needs. I think skincare is a hard thing for people to justify spending money on sometimes, but our skin is the largest organ in our body, and one we need to be taking care of. Your current and future self will thank you! 




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